Welcome to the Boyne Valley in Ireland's Ancient East!

Some of Ireland’s most impressive attractions are right on Dublin’s Doorstep – take a break from exploring the city streets by venturing out of town with a day's excursion to the Boyne Valley.

Fadó Fadó - "Long, long ago" - one thousand years before the pyramids, people here built the tallest building in the world, and aligned it with the sun’s rays.

1,500 years ago, Europe’s pilgrims crossed mountains, heath and bog to Ireland’s first University. The legendary High Kings ruled on the Hill of Tara, and oversaw the Aonach Tailteann– the Teltown Fair, where the pre-Olympic Games of Ireland took place. The Normans arrived in the 12th century and left behind Trim Castle, Ireland’s largest Anglo Norman castle (filming location for “Braveheart”).

Invasions and rebellions. Alliances and betrayals. The twists and turns of Ireland’s tumultuous history have been played out in the Boyne Valley – birthplace of Ireland’s Ancient East.

The people you will meet on your journey – showing you around, serving you a drink or simply passing the time of day – they hold the connection from the past to the present.

Just ask them to tell you a story, and let it begin Fadó Fadó ....

Create Your Own Irish Story! Choose what to see & do on your Day Tour...

"Thank you so much!  I had a fabulous time with you and learned a lot.  You are great.  I will recommend a visit here to all.  Best of luck."

(Shannon Murray, Los Angeles)