It’s not easy planning a trip abroad to another country and here is where we can help with some advice and ease some of the pressure.

Let us help with:

-         dates of travel

-         your itinerary

-         hints / tips with regards to travel

-         how you plan to get around

-         telephone

-         accommodation

-         genealogy research

-         and more

Whatever your travel requirements please give me a call or send an email. From our very first conversation I will take time to learn about your individual needs.

It’s important to get some details right before locking yourself into booking flights and accommodation. Also we can help you plan an experience as opposed to a series of standalone attractions.

How much will the service cost you? A reasonable $40 for 30 minutes on either Skype or Whatsapp at a time that is mutually convenient.

Book a consultation now!


Excellent , informative enjoyable blast through history.
(Mary Llewellyn, Dublin)